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Posted by Sarah Pierzchala on January 26, 2015 at 4:45 PM

This page lists the influences that have helped shape our family's educational philosophy.  There's some really useful and thought-provoking material in here, so take your time and explore!

I will be periodically updating these lists as I do more research. Some of these resources are available as free PDFs!

Print books, with a brief summary of what we've found useful about each title. Clicking on a title will most likely---but not always---take you to Amazon:

Responsibilites and Rights of Parents in Religious Education, (1998, Catholic Home School Network of America/Seton)

A handy guide for parents to help empower them in the face of any oposition they may encounter from family, friends or clergy regarding what really is or is not expected/required of them regarding the religious instruction of their children, and by extension, other areas of learning.

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Education, by John Taylor Gatto (1992, New Society Publishers)

Written by an experienced and lauded public school teacher. The title says it all.

The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined, by Salman Khan (2012, Hatchette Book Group)

A very inspiring and uplifting overview of the philosophy behind the phenomenally successful Khan Academy.

The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey Into How The World's Poorest People Are Educating Themselves, by James Tooley (2009, Cato Institute)

A very readable and absorbing personal account of how parents and communities worldwide can succeed if governments and beauracracies would just get out of the way.

The New School: How The Information Age Will Save American Education From Itself, by Glenn Harlan Reynolds (2014, Encounter Books)

A convincing,  reality-based argument against taking on massive debt to achieve the questionable goal of meeting society's expectations for higher education.

Workshops Work! A parent's guide to facilitating writers's workshops for kids, by Patricia Zaballos (2012, author published)

Handy, nuts-and-bolts guide for jumpstarting and maintaining writing workshops for homeschool students; techniques can be adapted to other subjects.

Thriving in the 21st Century, by Barbara Frank (2011, Cardamom Publishers)

Great resource with lots of real-world examples and advice for creating adaptable, resourceful kids facing the rapidly changing global economy.

Other challenging and fascinating online articles and free stuff:  (Links to his best articles. Read them).     (For all things JTG)

Deschooling Society, by Ivan Illich (PDF) (A very radical overview of modern society and a precient recipe for remedies).

Your Guide to Academic Deviance: Replacing College with self-directed learning, by Dale j. Stephens.

(A brief guide to breaking out of the traditional educational mold and taking control and responsibility for your own learning).

The Edupunks' Guide to a DIY Credential, by Anya Kamenetz (Smashwords e-book)

(Hands-on guide for the student to create their own alternative high-school experience with online courses, how to find a mentor, how to create online portfolios, etc).

An exciting study from India about the roles of computers in learning:

A helpful link-fest to various articles on how kids REALLY learn to read or do math:

A significant study about teaching mathematics you've probably never heard of:

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