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Questions For Parents

Posted by Sarah Pierzchala on January 28, 2015 at 12:55 PM

Maybe you're just looking into the concept of home/unschooling and you're gathering data and exploring different approaches.  Maybe you've been schooling at home for a while and it's not working out the way you'd envisioned. You're exhausted, frustrated, confused and your kids are unhappy.

If that's the case, perhaps it's time to step back and take stock of where you are, and re-visit the questions you asked in beginning, and maybe confront some new ones.

Prayerfully consider the questions asked in the following worksheet. Remember there aren't really any right or wrong answers, because every family situation and every child is different.

*What do you believe is the ultimate purpose of a good education?

*What do you want for your adult children?  

*What tools/skills/ do you believe they will need to achieve these goals?  Try to also think of overall characteristics/strengths rather than just specific training.

*Why do you choose (or are considering) to homeschool?  Are you acting out of fear of the culture, a desire for academic excellence, convenience?  A combination of these reasons?

*If a combination, which reason is the strongest and how is that affecting your approach?

*If you are homeschooling but are now considering switching to traditional schooling, what are your reasons?  Best for the children's personalities (they asked to); exhaustion/frustration; poor academic results at home?

*What is your higher education ideal: A liberal arts education, vocational or a hybrid?  Do you insist that your child attends your idea of a "good" college and is your homeschooling model focused on that outcome?

*Would you consider researching 21st century career paths and be open to other options for your children than the tradtional college/debt model (online credentialing, community college certificates, etc)?

*What is your definition of a "numerate" (math-literate) adult?  Someone who holds a PhD in mathematics obtained by taking on a large college debt, or someone who can wisely manage their personal finances?

*Do you believe your adult children will thrive in the world by being taught to memorize discrete facts and figures, or by becoming life-long learners and critical thinkers?

*Have you talked at length with your child about their goals and desires for their own educational journey?

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